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About this course: Do we truly think that we have lived for ourselves? Perhaps we have lived for money, love, fame, family and pride etc.? Therefore, we don’t seem to be satisfied even though we are full of those things. It is because that we don’t know ourselves.


Sometimes, we happened to be aware of this “Being” nature and try to change ourselves, but fail. But, because of our daily routines, it’s easily forgotten. And more it is hard to escape from our unwanted minds controlling us.


From now on, let us reflect on ourselves and look at our minds leading up to today! Don’t we achieve our goals after knowing ourselves? And let us find the “Being” nature of our original selves after escaping from the minds restraining and controlling us.


In this lecture, the definition and principle of the mind are explained in simple and clear ways. You can make sure and practice the methodology of finding the true original mind of inner-self by escaping from the false mind of possession. 


Self-reflection is the first step to meditate. You can know yourselves most objectively through meditation and you will realize that all the thoughts and actions are due to your minds which are nonexistent and false. If you throw away the false mind, you will find the true mind.


Meditation is now world-wide sensation. There are many research reports that show people can be leaders if you have a habit of self-reflection through meditation. Now meditation at school and the workplace are popular.


Happiness is having no worries. You can really relax yourself if there is no bundle of thoughts and you can be successful when you know yourself truly. Worries come from the memorized thoughts of the false mind. Your inner potential of positive power are revealed, your peaceful and happiest mind will be in your mind, and you can live the life you wanted through meditation.


This method of meditation is very practical and everybody can follow the methodology. As an engineer, I will guide you step by step to practice this meditation. I am sure that this lecture becomes a turning point in your life.

Who is this class for: Through self-reflection, you learn the principle and methodology to find the causes that prevent you from achieving your goals and living freely. When you practice the method, you can eliminate the causes and navigate your life completely, with your free will. This course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning and practicing self-reflection.



1 Necessity of self-reflection


2 Principle and practice of self-reflection


3 Copied world and real world


4 The methodology of mind cleansing


Self-reflection and the mind cleansing in ordinary life.


6 Starting point of new life, life with wisdom and the peaceful world


Benefits of our yoga sessions:

  • Become a International Yoga teacher.
  • Makes your body flexible
  • Bring discipline in your life
  • Fills your life with complete energy and enthusiasm.
  • Spread happiness and pleasure in your life
  • Get opportunity to experience your soul and universal truth
  • Keeps you healthy and fit
  • Deepening and grounding your practice
  • Yoga Teaching from your heart
  • Integration of the yogic lifestyle
  • Anatomy, proper breathing, pathology
  • Meditation, yoga mantra, prana-yama, & philosophy
  • Verbal & hands on adjustments for students